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Darren “DIZZY” Borg 3 x AFC and 1 x ABT National champion and former owner of Diztek Lures originally developed Dizzy Scent fish attractant for soft plastics and fish attractant for lures.

Fish Attractant for Soft Plastics

Dizzy started out designing a lure attractant scent to assist him on the tournament scene, as he believed there wasn’t a scent on the market at the time that would stick to a lure for a decent period without having to be constantly re applied.

Field-testing has shown that the application of fish attractant for soft plastics and fish attractant for lures made by Dizzy Scent can increase the number of strikes from fish up to 100% compared to identical lures without attractants. Dizzy Scent also contains a very effective fish-feeding stimulant, which helps to coax the bigger fish within schools to hit the lure. It has been noted time and time again that a fish that has spat a lure will have a second strike at lures that have been smeared with fish attractant. Try a pack of Dizzy scent Double shot UV squeeze Tubes. 


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A Sense of Smell

As we know, most fish have an extremely keen sense of smell. We know that sharks can pickup a minuscule level of blood, but did you know that catfish can detect smell with as little as 1gm dissolved scent in a tank of 100,000 ltrs of water?
Fish like salmon find their home stream primarily through smell. Experiments showed that fish that were blinded had an easier time finding home than fish whose sense of smell was disrupted. So if we think about it a liitle we'll discover that between thousands of different streams, somehow they can tell each one apart, all through smell. Spawning, seeking shelter, and hunting, are just some of reasons fish use their sence of smell for. 
If you think about it, and consider the fact that catching fish basically comes down to stimulating a fish’s feeding instincts, then it only makes sense that adding scents to your lures will attract more fish.

Five Useful Tips On Trout Fishing

1. For trout fly fishing, the leader should not be greased. It will not sink far enough to cause any difficulty when picking the line and lure from the water, 
but if it is allowed to float, it will cast a shadow on the bottom of the stream which may scare the trout.

2. The trout is one of the fishes that are usually secured through the use of the dry fly, but have you ever tried using some fish attractant for lures, you might just be surprised. 
Fish for trout in the currents as well as the pools. 

3. It is not good practice when fishing for trout to fish directly upstream so the flies, line, and leader will float directly over fish. 
You should cast from one side of the stream, so the fly will only float over the fish.

4. It's important to make your first cast the best, because feeding trout will usually strike the first lure presented if it is cast so that it will float
 over his domain. Remember to fish the lower end of the pool first even if the trout are rising in the middle or upper end.

5. Trout are sometimes very moody or selective and will try the patience of any angler, hence using less hackle will
 do the trick or it may be necessary to use a spent-wing fly or a fan wing.

Catching trout can be lots of fun. When using lures, try a little of Dizzy Scent Fish Attractant for Lures and Fish Attractant for Soft Plastics, you might be pleasantly suprised.

When using fish attractants for lures, the secret word is Slow!

It's a fact scented baits catch more fish. Because of that, scented lures of various styles are today very popular.
With a glut of products to chose from, Dizzy Scents have stood the test of time and is the most popular fish attractant for lures in Australia.
Anglers need to become familiar with the subtleties and limitations of these baits if they want to catch more fish.
Everyone has their own ideas and techniques on how best to use them, but before you cast one into your favorite lake or river, there’s one word to keep in mind: Slow.
To maximize the effectiveness of scented baits you should fish the bait very slow, this allows the scent to fully concentrate into a given area where fish might be hiding.

A Short Video on Using Scents

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