Dizzy Scent was first born in 2001 when Darren "Dizzy" Borg started experimenting, trying to come up with a fishing scent to help him in fishing Tornaments.

He spent a lot of time and there was a lot of experimenting before Dizzy had come up with a product that he was happy with. 

In the end Dizzy came up with a product that used a combination of oils and waxes as well as a strong fish attractant.

He had tested out many different fragrances for the scent and settled on four which were :

Aniseed ( red in colour ), Garlic ( green ), CLF ( yellow/ orange ), Cheating ( yellow / orange ) 

Both Cheating and CLF were a more natural scent with no strong fragerances added.

In 2003-2004 Dizzy was using his scent in ABT Tornaments with great success.

By 2005-2006 Dizzy started selling Dizzy Scent as a hoby style business, firstly to other anglers then to tackle stores.

For a period of time Dizzy Scent was distributed by Tackle Tastics where it was avaliable in stores all over the country.

Dizzy hand made all of the scents himself and were mostly packaged in 10ml jars although there were a few batches made in soft squeezeable bottles.

Dizzy is a very accomplished angler with a great tournament history as you can see below. 


The summery of his tournament history speaks for it's self.

Tournament results : - ABT National champion in 2008

                                 - ABT pro event top ten placings = 56

                                 - ABT pro event wins = 9

                                 - Over all 1st placing's in Bream events = 53

                                 - Over all top tens in Bream events = 147

                                 - AFC events won = 3

                                 - AFC Big bream record holder at 1.2Kg

                                 - 2005 & 2007 N.S.W. AOY champion and 2007 Q.L.D. AOY Champion

                                 - 2007, 2008, 2009 AFC TV Series champion team.

2016 : 7th Place in the Gamakatsu team series 2nd round

2016 : 6th Place in the Gamakatsu team series 1st round

2014 :  3rd Place in the Gamakatsu Grand Final at the Gold Coast

              2nd Place QLD ABT Bream open

              1st Place Gold Coast bream series round

              1st place Gold Coast bream series round

              5th place Gold Coast bream series round

              1st place Gold Coast bream series final

              1st place Minibucks

              1st place Minibucks

In 2014 i Dallas Smeeth purchased the business which pretty much consisted only of the ingrediants, recipe and the name. By this stage Dizzy Scent hadn't been avaliable in stores for a number of years.

I then spent countless hours trying to come up with designing the business as its own brand. I designed Logos, product labels, boat decals, brag matts, fishing jerseys, board shorts, packaging, display boxes and much more.

Over the years all of these things have been continually changing to help improve the look of the brand itself.

Then i started playing around with the scent itself and with the recommendation from Dizzy i started putting a UV addative to into the scent which is when the UV Double shot range was developed.

Then became the UV Ghost scent, which was basically Cheating scent minus the colouring. Therefore giving me 4 different coloured scents so anglers could easily tell the difference on which was which. It was named Ghost as when it is applied to the lure it is basically invisiable.

So for a number of years the four flavours of the Dizzy Scent range were, UV Aniseed, UV Garlic, UV CLF & UV Ghost.

Due to having two natural type of scents which anglers found it hard to find the difference between i decied to come up with a new scent. After playing around with a number of differnt fragrances i decided to go with a cheese oil. Which replaced the CLF flavour and is now the yellow coloured scent in our range.


One of the best things i ever came up with was the sample stack, this consists of 4 small 3ml jars that screw together. I first designed this to hand out to store as samples for them to then try and decide if they would like to stock my products. After showing a few people these sample packs i had come up with and recieving their feedback i decided to make them avaliable to buy.

To this day Dizzy Scent is still the only brand of scent that offers a sample pack.

Due to life getting busier and now having a family with 2 children Dizzy Scent is once again very much a hoby business. Although there are still a few stores stocking our products which are listed on the store locator on the home page.

Dizzy Scent is now avaliabe in 15ml and 30ml squeeze tubes as well as the sample stack.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the story behind Dizzy Scent and if you haven't already, grab some and give it a try you won't be dissapointed!